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2D & 3D Floor Plans - COMMERCIAL

We offer 2D & 3D floor plans for all your commercial real estate layout needs including offices, hotels,
apartment buildings, restaurants and other commercial projects. 

3D Floor Plans for Commercial Real Estate

Bring your ideas to life...

3d Floor Plans
for commercial real estate

At Halo Renders, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality commercial 3D floor plans complemented by outstanding customer service—at competitive prices you can afford.

Floor plans are an essential and valuable marketing tool for commercial real estate professionals. A high-quality, professional floor plan helps partners, customers and contractors better visualize your space—and make decisions more quickly and easily.

We make it simple to choose a solution that's right for you—at any price

Black & White Floor Plans for Commercial Real Estate - Convert Your Blueprints or CAD file - Services
2D Black & White
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Colored Floor Plans - Commercial Real Estate - Convert Your Blueprints or CAD file - Services
2D Colored
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3D colored floor plans - Convert your blueprints - CAD files - architectural drawings - Services

3D Colored
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Floor Plans - Benefits: 

  • Help potential buyers and tenants better understand your space. Including a high quality floor plan with your listing or sales presentation helps communicate the scale and layout of your space making it easier for others to evaluate suitability of your space for their needs.
  • Improve prospect qualificationand save time. You'll save time wasted on prospects who don't make sense for your property by improving the property evaluation processand gain time to spend with buyers and tenants who are best suited to your listing! 
  • Floor Plans can be used for interior design and fit out. Once you have a buyer or tenant, your floor plans can readily be used to plan the layout and design for your space! 

Commercial 3D Floor Plans - Services

Ideas become reality.


We are happy to help! We understand that the nature of 3D visualization may entail some questions. Feel free to contact us via our office phone number or our contact form linked below. Our response time is within 24 Hours on business days. 

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