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Our Process


1. Reference

When your order is made, you will be asked to upload any design specifications, desired camera angles, and material details about your project. We can work from any traditional blueprint images, CAD plans, or even a napkin sketch to begin the modeling process. You can attach your images through the uploader on the order form.

After placing your order, one of our representatives will reach out to provide further assistance and answer any questions within 24 hours on business days.


2. Block-in

Once we receive your project’s info, we will begin constructing the 3D model based upon the references you've provided. Afterwards, we'll send you an unrendered “wireframe”, a simple black and white representation of the final scene, with the desired camera angle.

At this time, we can make any adjustments, such as camera position and environment proportions. Upon approval, we will continue on to step 3.


3. Color

Using our huge library of materials and models, we'll begin populating your scene with elements, such as flooring, roofing, and furniture. We also offer custom modeling solutions if you need unique props. Once the details are complete, we finalize the lighting to capture the right mood and atmosphere!


4. Render

This is when we hit the render button! At this point, all the groundwork has been laid and the scene is ready for rendering. We let our powerful computer network crunch the numbers and calculate the final 3D image.

Find that you've missed something or changed your mind? Luckily, we offer 1 free round of revisions so that you have the opportunity to make your desired change free of charge.


5. Delivery

Your final images/video will be delivered in a download link. The files will be formatted to any file type and image resolution you need.

And that is it! Simple and straightforward from the first contact to final delivery. If you're interested, come to our product page and make the order now. We look forward to working with you!

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ page if you have any other question.

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