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Exploded View Renders

Exquisite, Photorealistic 3D Exploded Views - Visualize Assemblies, Components, Parts, Tools, Equipment, and More!  Provide Your Prospects with a 'View Inside' That Leads to Faster, Better Understanding of Your Products - and Shows How Your Parts Fit Together! 

3D Exploded View Rendering of a Car Engine Filter - Car Parts Example - Exploded View Creation Services

3d Exploded views
Rendering Services

3D exploded views are one of the most exciting ways to give your customers and prospects an inside-look of your product that is at once engaging and informative.  With this unique approach, you decide which parts or assemblies to 'pull apart' and highlight, and how to represent each portion of your exploded view including textures, colors, materials, lighting and more to bring your products to life. 

All details regarding proportion and measurements are taken directly from your original CAD model - to accurately capture all your important details and ensure final results are true-to-scale. Exploded views deliver value across a broad range of industries including automotive and aerospace, industrial, footwear and apparel, and more.

Our seasoned design teams deliver exquisite, photorealistic 3D exploded views, suitable for broad array of applications including presentations, advertising and marketing collateral, websites, social media, email and banner advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and more. 

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FREE: 3D Models for AR

Spec your project like a Pro with our FREE 3D Models for Augmented Reality - Project Planning Kit!  Your free kit includes: 

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How it works:
what we need from you

To get started we'll need:

  • We'll need the CAD file for your desired product, components, or assemblies.
  • Reference images and/or samples you'd like to emulate that help us understand the look/feel you are after - color, texture, materials.  
  • Desired background color - We can deliver your exploded view against a white or black background—or accommodate any color selection you choose.  Send us your hex color code if you have a specific shade in mind.  We can also create custom backgrounds to your specifications.
  • Any additional notes you'd like to provide to help us get it right!

Once you've submitted your files, we'll get back to you within 24 business hours.  Request a quote now! 

3D Exploded View Rendering of Running Shoe - Example - Exploded View Creation Services

Featured Project


Halo Renders worked with Hanson, Inc., an Ohio-based creative agency,
on developing a web-based tabletop selection solution for The Oneida Group, Inc. 

Halo Renders delivered 3D renders for all products and patterns used in the company's 'Plate Envy' application,
including 458 products and 120 different patterns!  Learn more here.


We are happy to help! We understand that the nature of 3D visualization may entail some questions. Feel free to contact us via our office phone number or our contact form linked below. Our response time is within 24 Hours on business days. 

CALL: (440) 447-0200