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Halo Renders

Turning Blueprints into Stunning 3D Renders: The Incredible Journey

by Julian Gomes September 20, 2023
How a Simple Drawing Turned Into a Breathtaking Picture

The Journey of 3D Product Rendering: From Concept to Stunning Final Render

by Julian Gomes August 09, 2023

3D Emergency Response Maps For Safer Buildings

by Admin August 01, 2023
3D Emergency Response Maps: A New Priority for Building Safety Many of our global clients are transitioning away from 2D black-and-white floor plans and...

3D e-Commerce, and Why it Matters!

by Admin August 26, 2022
What is Your 3D E-Commerce Strategy?

How to Take Your 3D product renders to the next level

by Nikhil Bafna March 22, 2022
When you work with Halo Renders, you can rest assured we'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best results. Knowing what to expect—and...

How Are Industry Leaders using 3D visualization?

by Admin March 08, 2022

How to Spec Your 3D House Render

by Nikhil Bafna March 23, 2021

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

by Nikhil Bafna August 20, 2020

3D rendering Takes on Tabletop Design

by Nikhil Bafna April 22, 2020
It Starts with a Vision

Augmented Reality (AR): What is it?

by Nikhil Bafna April 16, 2020
Chances are, you’ve already heard about augmented reality (AR). You may have even experienced it first-hand by now. But maybe you’re not entirely sure what it...