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Halo Renders

How to Spec Your 3D House Render

by Nikhil Bafna March 23, 2021

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

by Nikhil Bafna August 20, 2020

3D rendering Takes on Tabletop Design

by Nikhil Bafna April 22, 2020
It Starts with a Vision

Augmented Reality (AR): What is it?

by Nikhil Bafna April 16, 2020
Chances are, you’ve already heard about augmented reality (AR). You may have even experienced it first-hand by now. But maybe you’re not entirely sure what it...

Creating Realistic 3D Products for eCommerce

by Nikhil Bafna February 18, 2020
Interactivity has been quietly taking hold in the ecommerce space, transforming all things digital with groundbreaking new methods for viewing and interacting...

3 Reasons to Outsource Your 3D Assets for augmented Reality (AR)

by Nikhil Bafna February 11, 2020
What is Your Content Supply Chain Strategy?

Don’t Get Left Behind, Boost Your E-Commerce Performance With 3D Visualization!

by Margaret Li January 03, 2020
There is no doubt visual content plays a critical role in generating interest and sales. Websites, articles and magazines are almost always complemented by...

Halo Media Works Featured in Crain's Cleveland Article

by Margaret Li June 08, 2019

3D Product Rendering: The New Competitive Advantage for Product Marketers

by Nikhil Bafna January 15, 2019
In today’s market, where consumers enjoy unlimited access to information, infinite product choice, and near-immediate order fulfillment, marketers face growing...